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Advice for everyone regarding Coronavirus (Covid 19)

New National Restrictions Announcement.
The Emsworth Dental Surgery Remains Open

Dear Patients

England will enter a period of restrictions until 2nd December 2020 and the government’s guidance states that ‘a number of public services will stay open and you are able to leave your home to visit them.

We can confirm that this includes dental services and during this period of restrictions our patients can continue to attend their dental appointments. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic continues we have put in place the necessary new procedures and infection prevention control measures, to keep our staff and patients safe.

Your understanding and co-operation are much appreciated as your appointment will be a different experience for you as a patient.

Thank you for understanding and for your continued support during these exceptional times. We would like to give you some additional information and would be grateful for your help:

  • We are open and prioritising patients who are in pain or who have dental problems; or those who had problems during lockdown.
  • The non-emergency treatments will be phased-in over time, which we aim to reschedule, in date order of, when they were cancelled. We will get in touch to organise this for you.
  • Patients are triaged and only those that are not suspected or confirmed Covid-19 may be offered face-to-face appointments.
  • Only Patients who have a booked an appointment will be allowed into the Practice, so please do not just arrive at the door.
  • Please wear a face covering, observe social distancing and sanitise your hands when entering the Practice.

If you are in pain or have a dental problem, please contact the Practice on 01243 372666 or alternatively email:

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Emsworth Dental Surgery.

”Courteous, competent, friendly and professional. Informative in a language that I could understand. I received a comprehensive written treatment plan, a fixed-appointment schedule and advance notice of what I had to pay, and when.” 

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